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Make a difference,
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Create change your way

ReCORK has collected over 100 million wine corks and we couldn't have done it without the help of people like you. With so many ways to get involved, it's easy to become a part of the movement. Explore all the simple ways you can work towards a sustainable future with ReCORK and help us continue to make a difference, one cork at a time.

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Drop off your corks

Recycle your natural wine corks by dropping them off at any one of our Public Collection Partners. Find your nearest collection location to get started.


Find a drop-off location

Shipping directly to ReCORK

If you have collected more than 15lbs of cork (the weight at which it is environmentally efficient to ship them) feel free to send them directly to us. Please reach out to for more information on where and how to ship your corks. Please note that shipping charges will be your responsibility.


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Choose wines with natural cork

The first step in recycling wine corks is choosing bottles of wine with natural cork stoppers. Not only does this allow you to recycle the cork afterwards, but buying natural cork products supports sustainable cork harvesting practices and cork tree conservation so we can enjoy cork for generations to come. Easily find your next bottle using CORKwatch, a database of wines and vineyards that bottle with natural corks.


Find natural cork

Purchase cork products

Support sustainable cork harvesting practices and cork recycling by purchasing products made with natural cork or recycled cork. Choosing products made with this environmentally friendly material keeps it out of the waste stream while replacing harmful foams and plastics that are often used in so many consumer products. Make the natural choice.


Choose recycled cork

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